Solar Solar connector, you have 9 things should to know!

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Solar MC4 connector

Definition Of Solar connector

Solar connector is a widely used product in the field of photovoltaic. Generally, solar connector is a connection unit between many electronic components, and the key is the communication and transmission of electronic signals between chip and circuit board, circuit board and circuit board to the box.

Solar connector material

In the production of  Solar connector, the material is PC material, the hardware of each part is also very particular about the selection.It has outstanding performance in ultraviolet ray resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and so on.In a word, each performance or can have enough safeguard.

Solar connector features

The wide application of the field, also let its characteristics fully emerge.The Solar connector has high flexibility and can increase the service life in the process of multiple plugging.On the other hand, the strong fixation mainly takes the form of embedded connection, and the internal insert pieces can also be directly inserted for use.On the transformation part, simple operation, completely according to the needs of the corresponding operation.As an important connector of electrical products, the stability of the connection degree is also very important.For many technicians, the installation of the solar connector is convenient and reduces many complicated steps, so that the whole process can be better completed.

Solar connector applications

Solar connectors are commonly used in electrical products and also in connection of major components.This kind of multi-group assembled product, the inner material is metal material, the surface is electroplating material, precision in the processing process as the core technology, is the premise of solar connector quality assurance.

Solar connector performance

The performance of Solar connector is mainly divided into: temperature, frequency of insertion, optical performance, interaction and repeatability, compressive strength.First, above the temperature, the temperature of the connector to have some control.Between -40 and -70, the range is the best so that it can be used normally.Second, the current use of the maximum strength of the connector can be thousands of, in the use of this aspect of the process, need not worry too much.Thirdly, solar connector also has certain requirements in terms of optical performance. The so-called insertion loss is the loss in connection, which will also lead to the loss of effective functions on the original basis.Fourth, most solar connectors of different types can be arbitrarily combined or reused.Fifthly, the compressive strength of Solar connector can generally meet the normal use requirements.

Solar connector usage benefits

The advantages of the solar connector are also not negligible. First of all, the assembly process of electronic products in the production process is also very convenient, so that the demand for mass production can better lay the foundation. Secondly, if a small number of electronic components are missing, the unused parts can be replaced in time. Finally, the solar connector in the photovoltaic field is upgraded rapidly, and its upgrade steps are also simple and easy to operate.

Solar connector notes

In the process of using solar connector, sufficient attention should be paid to avoid problems in time.Although applications continue to grow, many of the most basic terminal solar connectors on the market do not meet existing requirements.Therefore, in the process of production, these technical requirements need to be further improved, or the demand will not be met, and the use of solar connector safety will also have a greater risk.

Solar connector technical parameters

In addition, important parameters of solar connector should be mastered.It belongs to the completion of customization, Germany Rhine TUV standard execution, the brand is CXLH, model is V - CXLH0601-1, mainly used in cable, excuse is of type DC/DC, support single card, strip shape, belongs to welding process, waterproof performance, insulation material belongs to the ppo, contact with the body are of copper, silver plated a needle and thread length in roughly 900 mmm.

Solar connector manufacturer

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Solar MC4 connector

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Solar MC4 connector

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