Photovoltaic Cables,how much do you know ?

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The conductor part of the  photovoltaic cables  is copper conductor or tin-copper conductor, the insulation layer is irradiated crosslink poly olefin insulation, and the sheath is irradiated crosslink poly olefin insulation.A large number of dcs cables in photovoltaic power stations need to be laid outdoors under harsh environmental conditions. The cable materials should be based on the resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone, drastic temperature changes and chemical erosion. They should be moisture-proof, sun-proof, cold-resistant, heat-resistant and uv-resistant.photovoltaic cables
Difference between photovoltaic cables and ordinary cable
Ordinary cable material in this kind of environment for a long time to use, will lead to cable sheath fragile, or even decompose the cable insulation layer.These e conditions will directly damage the cable system, but also increase the risk of cable short circuit, in the long run, the possibility of fire or personal injury is also higher, greatly affecting the service life of the system.LEADER TECHNOLOGY has been producing photovoltaic cables for more than 20 years.Europe has also used such cables for more than 20 years, and they are still in good working order.
Compared with ordinary cables, advantages of  photovoltaic cables:
Photovoltaic cables are often exposed to sunlight, and solar systems are often used in despicable conditions, such as low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.At home or abroad, when the good weather, the highest temperature will be the scene of the solar system is as high as 100 ℃.
General cable can be adopted by all kinds of materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, elastomer (TPE) and cross-linked polyethylene ( high-quality weaving links material, but unfortunately general cable work of the highest rated temperature for 90, and even the rated temperature of 70 ℃ polyvinyl chloride insulated cable is also often used outdoors, but can not meet the requirement of the high temperature, uv, hardy.photovoltaic cables
Machine load resistance
Photovoltaic cables,when installed and applied, the cable can be placed on the sharp edge of the roof layout, at the same time the cable must withstand pressure, bending, tension, interwoven tensile load and resistance to strong impact performance superior to ordinary cable.If the ordinary cable is used, the sheath has poor uv protection performance, which leads to the aging of the cable outer protection, thus affects the service life of the cable, and can lead to cable short circuit, fire alarm and staff dangerous injury and other problems.After being irradiated, the photovoltaic cable insulation sheath has the properties of high temperature resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, oil resistance and cold resistance, and its service life is more than 25 years.photovoltaic cables

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